Oh Make Me Over!

Think of this as a follow up/expansion on my previous entry ‘My Favourite Feminine Finds’. Vintage totems of glamour that have been sadly relegated to the cellar of fashion, are back where they deserve (at least on the site anyway).

Lipstick Cases- Before 1915 lipsticks were sold in paper tubes, which meant that carrying your favourite lip colour was not a viable option. Once metallic cases were finally invented, lipstick could be applied on the go. Some of these cases are very ornate and decorative, if you wish to procure a little treat like this, Ebay and  antique shops are the place to go. I have heard it said that Dita Von Teese uses her vintage lipstick cases to jazz up her ordinary modern lipsticks. Apparently you have to freeze the lipstick to go. Once it is ready, take to lipstick out if its original case, get the replacement case ready, add the lipstick into the case. I think you have to let the stick warm up before you start using it.

vintage lipstick case

silver early 20th C lipstick

red lipstick vintage silver

Vanity Case/Set/Box- Having previously mentioned compacts, here is a logical follow on. Vanity cases typically held not just a lipstick holder, but also a powder, mirror and any other accoutrements such as lip liner, eyeliner etc. Finds it beyond charming that you could at one time carry all your make up essentials in such a petite size (I have a thing about dainty travel size essentials, think it has something to do with being a short woman!) and in petite case. Hopefully one day I will find such a treasure and never stop using it!






  1. Uh, Oh! Another piece that I don’t have…I will be lurking on vintage sites like a hawk. XO

    1. Go for it and good luck! X

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