Yafah Shalom Harlow

Shalom Harlow may not be as famous as her fellow waif Kate Moss, she certainly is not as infamous or ‘rock and roll’. Having said that, she is a striking and stunning woman (Shalom is Hebrew for peace hence using Yafah which is means beautiful), Plus how can you not be charmed by a woman who is so effortless as Snow White?

Canadian born Harlow has been the spokeswoman for Coco, the fragrance by Chanel for years (since we no longer have models who are just ‘the face’ of a brand. Seems pointless to me…). In addition to the usual front cover appearances such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Interview and I-D magazine. She has been featured in campaigns for Tiffany& co, H&M, Cartier, Stella McCartney, plus she was the only ‘flesh’ model for Viktor and Rolf S/S digital catwalk show in 2009.

Given that there are so many pretty faces in the fashion/modelling, you have to be pretty special to frankly get my attention. Especially since I am not the biggest fan of the waif look (not totally against it, just have a personal preference for woman of a curvier nature). Regardless of such minor points, if you have that charisma that turns heads, I like that above any personal preference. Clearly I believe that Harlow scores highly here.

Shalom snow white

Shalom couture

Shalom baby cigarette


One comment

  1. She’s been in a number of movies and has done some TV work. Shalom has been pretty quiet recently.

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