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Anais Nin: The Quill Did Quiver

For many years, it has seemed that if you were a woman you were not encouraged to enjoy sexually explicit books or films. Anything remotely sexual was written for men by men. Where was the erotica for the discerning woman with her own desires that were not ‘vanilla’? Thankfully someone not only wrote some stellar […]

Reading Essentials for Angst Ridden Women

Ah the teenage years; that time in your development when your hormones are out of control, your skin is spotty and greasy and you are trying to win the approval of your classmates (even if you hate them , you care what they think of you). Why people claim that this is the best time […]

Retro Magazines Galore

As a fan of Pin up art, sooner or later I had to get round to doing a piece on the men’s magazines of the 40’s and 50’s. The biggest magazine’s to feature pin up art on the covers are all listed below. The one thing that they all have in common was they were […]

Herstory: Sappho

Greek poetess and homosexual icon Sappho, has been one of the most celebrated women in the Ancient Greek literary world.The Alexandrian’s included her on a list of nine lyric poets, a huge honour for any poet. Plato even elevated her to one of the Muses! Little is known about Sappho’s life, it is estimated that […]

Bed Time Reading II

Loved ‘BedTime Reading’? Has your appetite for pages of passion been whetted? Do you desire more bedroom inspiration? Fear not, for there are more titillating titles for your perusal. The Story of O- Pauline Reage Conceived as a ‘challenge’ when Jean Paulhan, lover of author Reage and admirer of the Marquis de Sade; claimed that […]

Vintage Dior: The New Look

Established in 1947, Christian Dior has enjoyed a long and prestigious history. I have chosen to focus on the most famous period in Dior’s past, the famed ‘New Look’. Not to be confused with the high street eye sore ‘New Look’. Though I am not a fashion historian, I believe this to be a very […]

Coveted Bag: Hermes Kelly Bag

Crave the cache of high class sophistication? There is no finer example of chic but never gauche display of luxury then the legendary Kelly bag by high-end leather manufacturer Hermes. Originally known as Sac a depeches, it was originally crated in 1892 as a bag for carrying saddles. Hermes has a rich heritage with riding […]

Are You Geek Enough?

For too long, the ‘geek’ glasses have been maligned and implied that those who wear them are ‘uncool’ and lacking in style. Far from it!  I have been a happy wearer of glasses for several years and has found the Buddy Holly lenses to be rather fetching. While many have been keen to snap up […]

What Will The Neightbours Say?

THIS ENTRY CONTAINS NUDITY. IF THIS OFFENDS YOU PLEASE STOP READING. Thought that you excite you… Feeling a little lazy, so I have chosen to focus on the brave women who dare to bare in outfits that would be unfathomable to most women (or able to fit into). These would be the kind of ensembles […]


Body Modification takes on many forms, tattoos, piercings and implants. If you have an idea for a certain look, you go to the proper establishments, pay, then after a period of hours voila your modified appearance is complete. However if you are into Tightlacing, this is never the case. Tightlacing (or Corset Training/Waist Training) is […]