Body Modification takes on many forms, tattoos, piercings and implants. If you have an idea for a certain look, you go to the proper establishments, pay, then after a period of hours voila your modified appearance is complete. However if you are into Tightlacing, this is never the case.

Tightlacing (or Corset Training/Waist Training) is the practice of using a corset (non medical obviously) to train your waist into a classical hourglass shape, and gradually reduce the size with time (as in months, maybe even years). Though I have mentioned some of these points before in earlier entries, it is important to novices (since I am an ‘expert’, note the sarcasm). I was 18/19 when I got my first corset, which I think is a decent age to start if you are WT. I would definately recommend a professional helping you when choosing your first corset, it is a costly purchase so you need to get it right. As far as where to buy a corset from, any Fetish shop will do or a more ‘specialist’ lingerie shop. As to where to start, as far as inches; three inches is the minimum you have to be reduced by (if you want a quick and easy fix, stick to Spanx).The real pleasure in wearing corsets is the lacing in, I believe anyway. If you have seen enough period dramas you know that you have to breath in, then someone pulls you into your corset. When I say breath in, I am not talking about a little intake. I mean you have you almost pretend that you are deep sea diving. This will need to be done a  couple of times, and yes it will be uncomfortable; that is the point of it! The feeling of being taken in is an acquired sensation that you either love or hate. I actually like it, why I cannot really define that makes it pleasant, it just is.  Please note that you must limit your intake of food and avoid fizzy drinks, indigestion in a corset is no laughing matter.

Once you have your corset, that is not the end of the story. Once you are used to training your waist down by three inches, you then have to keep on reducing your waist until you have reached the ideal figure (believe the world record is 13 inches). If you have bad posture, a corset is rather beautiful solution; not the orthopaedic ones clearly! Are you lacking in the cleavage departments? Fear not, for your corset will amplify your bosoms into something wonderful.

Important to also note the difference between a corset and a basque. A basque is shaped like a corset with edging to emphasise the curves. However, a basque will not pull you in like a corset, it is not laced and you can breath in it! I remember as a teenager, seeing  ‘Corset tops’, they were not proper corsets. They were basque. Still think basques are nice but they are completely different. Another big difference between the two is price. Decent Corsets are a MINIMUM of £100, If you are in a shop and they are advertising ‘Corset Tops’ for £30, it is not a corset! Plus corsets are meant to be worn as undergarments, basques are outer ware. While you can buy corseted dresses, where the corset is part of the outfit, you still have too be laced in.

To say that this is only for women is inaccurate. Men have been known to train their waists down for purely aesthetic reasons, and why not? (my previous post ‘Tightlacing Maestro” is a perfect example). Beauty is beauty regardless of who enjoys it.

camille clifford


vogue tightlacing

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