Are You Geek Enough?

For too long, the ‘geek’ glasses have been maligned and implied that those who wear them are ‘uncool’ and lacking in style. Far from it!  I have been a happy wearer of glasses for several years and has found the Buddy Holly lenses to be rather fetching. While many have been keen to snap up a pair when these became more popular a few years, sadly some will bin them as a fad purchase.

This would be an appropriate time to mention that the term nerd or geek should not be viewed as an insult. Those who were ridiculed as nerds at school are usually the pioneers of tomorrow, they are passionate in their devotion, highly intelligent and are not bothered with the petty concerns of fearing how they are seen by others. I consider myself a nerd and if I term someone else a geek, it is a compliment.

Regardless of whether the ‘cool’ crowd like them. They will continue to charm and disarm for generations to come. Hail all the geeks!!

geek chic

Christina Hendricks

MMG glasses



  1. Tempted to get these next as eyetest due soon!

    1. Sure you will look great in them!

  2. Have a pair! and love them! Wrote a poem about them (the photo is of my glasses):
    BTW — in the US Military issues “geek glasses” and they are called: BCG’s (birth-control glasses)
    May not be true anymore~

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