Vintage Dior: The New Look

Established in 1947, Christian Dior has enjoyed a long and prestigious history. I have chosen to focus on the most famous period in Dior’s past, the famed ‘New Look’. Not to be confused with the high street eye sore ‘New Look’. Though I am not a fashion historian, I believe this to be a very beautiful period of Parisian style history.

For Spring/Summer 1947, Dior debuted a collection where the emphasis was on celebrated the hourglass figure. Small nipped-in waists, a full length skirts were the key components of ‘New Look’, a feminine and flattering relief for post war Europe. For the time, these outfits were considered to be very extravagant with  the use of so much luxury fabric. Unsurprisingly, NL was a roaring success. Though it maybe difficult to comprehend now, Paris had fallen out of favour in the fashion world before Dior’s ‘New Look’, post NL Paris reclaimed her place as the centre for Haute Couture.

I cannot claim for certain that all of the pictures included in this entry are strictly speaking from the ‘New Look’. Regardless of this, the appeal of these gowns are indisputable.

Christian Dior 'Abandon' 1940's

Dior 1948

'Sylvie' Vintage Dior

vintage christian dior black cocktail dress

Vintage Dior suit

Vintage Dior scarlett (ecarlate) coat


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  1. Gorgeous, elegant, lady-like. XO

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