Bed Time Reading II

Loved ‘BedTime Reading’? Has your appetite for pages of passion been whetted? Do you desire more bedroom inspiration? Fear not, for there are more titillating titles for your perusal.

The Story of O- Pauline Reage

Conceived as a ‘challenge’ when Jean Paulhan, lover of author Reage and admirer of the Marquis de Sade; claimed that women were not capable of writing in such a manner. Reage gifted the world with a piece of erotica that manages to be explicit in contents but never off-putting in the style of description. A beautifully written book that if you are into BDSM will excite you deeply. I would not recommend this if you are new to erotic novels or if your needs are more vanilla. It has been criticised for being misogyny against the title character O, personally I feel that if you are not informed about the nuisances of the BDSM culture, you could be put off the book. If however you can look beyond those details, you will have a real delight that will have you reaching for the nearest riding crop.

story of O

Little Birds- Anais Nin

The titular birds may have been little and the novel is more like a novella of short stories. None of this diminishes the potency of these sordid, sensual stories by repeat offender Anais Nin. Like in her first novel ‘Delta of Venus’ she is yet again able to be explicit in her description of different kinds of sexuality (Including exhibitionism and masochism) yet never crude, so you never feel that you are reading something ‘dirty’ (although there is a time and palace for that).  Though I recommend Nin for all, she is especially appealing to women since she shows that erotica can be beautiful yet brazen.

little birds

That’s it for this installment. When I find some more worthwhile erotica, you will all know.


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  1. I love Anais Nin’s work.

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