Retro Magazines Galore

As a fan of Pin up art, sooner or later I had to get round to doing a piece on the men’s magazines of the 40’s and 50’s. The biggest magazine’s to feature pin up art on the covers are all listed below. The one thing that they all have in common was they were the products of one mans publisher, his name was Robert Harrison.

Though these magazines are very similar in style, there are subtle differences.’Wink’ was more fetishistic in content (one of the many to feature Bettie Page). ‘Titter’ was more centred on Burlesque. ‘Whisper’ was the most controversial of all of Robert Harrison’s publications; due to the more explicit nature of the sex and violence featured.

What I love about these older styles of magazine covers, are the glorification of the female form and the fact that these are in themselves beautiful pieces of pin up art. Some of the biggest pin up artists of the day worked to create these magnificent women, including Billy Devorss, Earl Moran and Peter Driben. If it seems that I am biased towards women with dark hair and plenty of red. It is true, I find the contrast to be very striking.

Beauty corset

Eyeful Curvey Cutie

Flirt wink

Whisper scarlet

Wink perfume



  1. I would like to page through a couple of these magazines for fun~time to visit a vintage shop. 😉

  2. you chose some terrific examples !! 🙂

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