Anais Nin: The Quill Did Quiver

For many years, it has seemed that if you were a woman you were not encouraged to enjoy sexually explicit books or films. Anything remotely sexual was written for men by men. Where was the erotica for the discerning woman with her own desires that were not ‘vanilla’? Thankfully someone not only wrote some stellar pieces of erotica, but wrote with passion, sensuality and imagination. Time to turn the spotlight on one of my favourite authors, Anais Nin.

Born to Cuban/Spanish parents in France in 1903, Nin’s formative years were spent traveling around, Spain, Cuba and US. Once she and her then husband moved to Paris from Cuba, she blossomed into the writer we know and love. Here she meet Otto Rank, a therapist who was mentored by Freud. Who helped her focus her needs and being able to articulate her more womanly depths.

The most famous of her works were ‘Delta of Venus’ and ‘Little Birds’. If you have read my previous entries ‘Night Time Reading I& II’, you would have noticed that I am rather a big fan of these books. If anything in my quest to find other erotica parallel to Nin has been made much harder. Her work is so precise and well written that I am struggling to find anyone who can out do Nin’s prose.

Even though Nin was married, she shared a passionate relax ship with fellow expat and sensualist Henry Miller. His work ‘Tropic of Cancer” is excellent by the way. If you have seen the film ‘Henry and June’ you would have an idea of the complex and passionate union between Nin, Miller, his wife June and Nin’s husband Hugo. Anais left Paris in 1939 due to the impending war, Nin settled in California, married and divorced Rupert Pole. She died in 1977.

Anais Nin

Salome by William Mortensen

John willie vintage



  1. […] Anais Nin: The Quill Did Quiver […]

  2. Oh I am so glad to have found another Anais Nin fan! The woman was brilliant, I loved her from the first page of “Delta of Venus”! And even though I adore Sade’s witty novels, there was a great need of female erotica.

    1. Quite agree, she was the very best! Are there any other female erotic writers you appreciate?

      1. Well now that I think of it, it seems that apart from a few of her books I did not actually manage to get my hands on any other erotica book written by a female. Would you mind recommending me some?

      2. Well this is just my opinion;

        Story of O- Pauline Reage
        The Boudoir Bible-Betony Vernon
        The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy- Anne Rice

        These are my favourite ones, hope you enjoy them!

      3. I shall give them a try, thank you very much for your suggestions!

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