Monthly Archives: March 2014

Alberto Vargas: King of The Pin ups

When one looks at most modern ‘lads mags’ it is easy to be a bit blasé with the quality of the pictures of the models. The same kind of body type, make up, dress (or lack of) and posing. Admittedly there are more specialist magazines if you prefer a less ‘mainstream’ look, I personally find […]

Rubies and Romance

While Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friends. My personal preference for precious jewels are Rubies. For one, I love the colour red and appreciate the warmth of these scarlet stones. Plus you don’t tend to see so many of the current crop of trendy wannabes sporting these sensual gems. Traditionally, Rubies are […]

Griselda Blanco: Miami’s Godmother of Cocaine

In Miami, in the 1980’s far from being the sunny playground that it is today. Miami had a haven for drug traffickers bring in ‘product’ from Columbia, though Central America into America. ‘Scarface’ starring Al Pacino gives you an idea of what happening at that time. Needless to say, in order to survive and thrive […]

One Size Fits All?

According to Keats ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty- that is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know’. How do we judge what is beautiful? Who should be ones to decide what is beautiful? if something is judged to be beautiful, how do you accentuate said beauty? How should it be presented? […]

A Sadistic Flower: Foot Binding

Historically speaking, women have been encouraged to submit to unrealistic standards beauty and the sadistic methods to achieve them. From corsetry to lead based face powder to today with Botox and implants.All cultures and eras have had their own take on how women should look. The most sadistic practice of submitting to societies ideas of […]

My Darling, You Are Not Worth The Fight

In the sugarcoated romance that has been forced down our throats; that in love you only have one true, perfect love. That once you are married that the struggles are over and everything will go swimmingly for all eternity. For those of us that have actually lived, loved and learned know that this is just […]