A Sadistic Flower: Foot Binding

Historically speaking, women have been encouraged to submit to unrealistic standards beauty and the sadistic methods to achieve them. From corsetry to lead based face powder to today with Botox and implants.All cultures and eras have had their own take on how women should look.

The most sadistic practice of submitting to societies ideas of beauty is Foot Binding. Also known as ‘Lotus Feet’, this aim was to bind the foot so that the toes and the heel were brought closer together with a centre of the foot curved inward. If this sounds an improbable task, that a foot cannot possible be made into such a shape, that is because the process of bending the foot was EXCRUCIATING painfully process that took many months even years to perfect flower foot. The practice was believed to have started in the Song Dynasty (about the 10th/11th Century) it was not until the 20th Century that the practice finally ceased to be.

The lotus foot was considered to be a status symbol (all but the lowest class of women were encouraged bind their feet) but it was also considered highly erotic. That a woman who processed the perfect, petite Lotus would have the best possible union. Another aspect of the appeal of the bound foot was the lotus gait, which given the muscle, ligament and bony damage meant that walking was nearly impossible. The smaller the steps she could take the better, not that given the mutilation inflicted upon her would have been difficult.

Now that Foot Binding has been relegated to the history books. In the foot fetish community, the lotus foot is something of a legend. While I seriously doubt anyone would try to recreate the inverted foot (if nothing else a damaged foot would defeat the purpose of worshipping or just touching a beautiful foot). It does demonstrate the appreciation and potent power of feet (even if it was ill conceived torture).






  1. Something that I am glad to see relegated to history…XO

    1. Quite, that fact that it went on for so many years so staggering x

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