One Size Fits All?

According to Keats ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty- that is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know’.

How do we judge what is beautiful? Who should be ones to decide what is beautiful? if something is judged to be beautiful, how do you accentuate said beauty? How should it be presented?

Throughout out the human history, standards of beauty have always changed and evolved with fashion. Pale skin was highly coveted, viewed as a sign of status (only workers caught the sun). Men with a rotund waist were seen as prosperous now they are viewed as ‘slobs’ Now a tan is a of sought after sign of health and pale can be easily judged as ‘pasty’.

So here is my point of view. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; with our culture and mainstream media it is easy to believe that there is only one definition of that is attractive (for men and women). If you are a woman, a skinny frame, tan with generous cleavage is ideal. For the fellas, a six pack and a full head of hair is the aim. Now if that is what you find attractive, fine. Here is the point to remember UNIVERSAL BEAUTY DOES NOT EXIST! beauty is subjective, changed by time, culture, attitudes etc. so that may be ravishing today may in 100 years be seen as gross. Whenever projected images of Cleopatra are shown, she would be viewed as a bit of a minger, no small dainty features etc. Still we have to remember that she would have been seen as stunning by the standards of her time. While everybody has a ‘type’, some love busty blondes, some like a muscular physique some may even like amputees. If you have followed this site, you will probably notice that a certain kind of woman appears more frequently (dark haired, pale skin, curvy). Well they are in my mind very stunning examples of the female form. Having said that, I do appreciate that there is beauty in women who do not fit this motif.

Fellas, you too don’t HAVE to be muscular to be handsome. If you are naturally slender, that too is beautiful, if you are more geek than Greek God, you are coveted in my books. As a personal preference I am not a fan of overly buff men (I associate muscle men with steroid users, which entail sexual dysfunction and a short fuse, not that I am saying all muscle bound men use steroids I simply am not impressed with the look).

Another aspect I want to comment on is this, who has the right to judge someone else’s style of clothes? When you see in most mainsteam publications and programmes when they critique what the latest IT girl has worn at some celebrity lovefest, I am always wondering if these people who claim to be experts really can say what is fashion and what is not. Personal style is like beauty, subjective and changes with time. So what gives, for example Kelly Osbourne the right to tell someone else that what they are wearing is wrong? By critiquing others you are basically saying “I know more that you little morons, I have taste and opinions are more valid than your”. This is not to say that you have to like what everyone. Far from it, I pretty much am indifferent to most current trends, fads and find allot of styles frankly boring of just a trend that will end up in the bin in a few months time. Again that point I am trying to make is that you go with what makes you happy, what suits your frame, needs and taste. While I favour a certain look and do push certain fashions on this page. If you like it, great, if not that is also great.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, no one style is better than the other, and if someone has a problem with how you look, dress. It is THEIR problem!

Apologies for such a long rant, you are beautiful as you are and as long as you are happy that is all that matters. Don’t tone down just to please narrow minded idiots. Mediocrity is safe bit forgettable.

Rose Mcgowan mischief



  1. Fabulous! There is so much beauty-all over-in all colors, shapes and sizes. It’s best to be open and enjoy. XO

    1. Absolutely! Beauty is were you find it xx

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