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Frances Farmer: Come Undone

In the history of Hollywood, there have been many casualties. Unfortunate dreamers who were consumed and then spat out the machinery of movies. One of the most tragic victims of this treatment is Frances Farmer. Born on 19th September 1919, in Seattle, Washington. Farmer was a bright girl who won a writing contest at school […]

Mae West: When I’m Bad, I’m Better

One of the best characters in Hollywood. Ever. Mae West. Born Mary Jane West on 17th August 1893, in Brooklyn New York. She was very close to her mother Matilda (nicknamed Champagne Til for her love of said beverage) of who inspired the name of her most famous character ‘Diamond Lil’. Encouraged by her doting […]

Ava Gardner: Smouldering Was Never An Act

Being beautiful is easy, being sexy is slightly harder. To be able to radiate sexuality in such an effortless manner, that takes a true temptress. Like Ava Gardner. North Carolina native Gardner, grew up poor during the Depression (on Christmas Eve 1922). Like many families during this time, the Gardner’s moved to find an easier […]