Hummingbirds: Bedazzling

Birds are by their very design are graceful and elegant creatures. One of the very elegant examples of their beguiling beauty are amongst the smallest; Hummingbirds.

Found in the selected states of North America, Central and South America, these little birds are one of the few creatures that can truly hover. There are approximately 300 varieties of Hummingbirds making them the second largest bird family in the world.

Hummingbirds feed exclusively on nectar, some have evolved specialised bills to specific plants. With their high metabolism, Hummingbirds never stray far from a food source. Resulting in these fine feathered friends fiercely territorial! For those who are lucky enough to have these little treasures in your garden, you can buy a Hummingbird feeder. Most come in red since that is their preferred choice of colour. Such good taste for such delicate creatures! Or if you prefer a more natural way to entice Hummingbirds; Honeysuckle, Aloe Vera, Red Bottlebrush or Fuchsia will do the same job.

Despite their beguiling charm, some Hummingbirds are on the endangered list. A result of the usual habitat destruction that threatens most of today’s wildlife and some unusual predators (Praying Mantis, certain spiders, wasps, bees). Hopefully with conservation and education, we can be sure to keep these lovely birds around for other generations to enjoy.

Purple Throated Carib


Albino ruby throated Hummingbird


Snow capped H









  1. My Sister-In-Law has them in her garden. They are exquisite to watch, amazing as they hover. Sheer beauty in motion.

    1. She is a very lucky lady, must be a such a pleasure when you visit x

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