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Sloths: Enigmas in the Trees

Named after one of the seven deadly sins, there is however nothing sinful about the sweetness of the Sloth. A creature that is so slow in it movements and habits, they were named after the sin of laziness. Even though Sloths are famous the world over; very little is actually known about these enigmatic creatures. […]

Olive Thomas: Such a Folly

Sometimes the is a perception that the old Hollywood was clean cut, whiter-than-white, well behaved. This is a falsehood. In the very early days of Hollywood (Pre-Hayes code) was debauched and decadent in a way that would make the current batch of stars blush. These past scandals included murder, rape and several deaths from ‘misadventure’. […]

Erte: Opulence

Few designs are so chic, modern, and cultured as Art Deco. Post WWII; this style encompassed sleek modern technology, multiculturalism (Ancient Egypt, Chinese) and one of the most prolific and arguable greatest artist of this period, who captured the elegance of this era the best. His name was Erte. Born Roman Petrovich Tyrtov on 23rd […]

Coveted Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag

Has been looking for a vintage style ‘lady bag’, yes that is my personal term. A regal relic from the 30’s/40’s; a structured yet delicate frame,with a single handle that rests comfortably hanging from your for arm. Simple yet timeless. I believe that I have found a worthy contender. Dolce and Gabbana’s Sara Bag. Not […]

Persia Porzia: Risqué Rogue

This flame haired femme is a classically trained ballet dancer was discovered by Burlesque dame Immodesty Blaize. If you watch the film ‘Burlesque Undressed’, during Immodesty’s performance. Porzia can be spotted as a ‘Blaizing Angel’ behind Immodesty being, well immodest. After years under Blaize’s temptress tutelage. Porzia has stepped out on her own. Her routines […]

Anne Marie of Paris: A Whisper Of Whimsical

Has often seen these bags floating around the internet. They are very quirky and bewitching and were all the products of Anne Marie of Paris. At the time I knew that the label was a vintage designer that as far as I can tell, has ceased trading. Curiosity got the better of me so here […]

Juel Park: Temptation in Satin

If you ever glazed at Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor in their lounge wear, silk, satin and lace garments it is a very good chance that you were admiring Juel Park. Juel was conceived by a vivacious brunette Juel Park in 1929. Originally Park was an aspiring actress but found her calling in creating luxurious pieces […]