My Favourite Feminine Finds II

Has decided that share even more of what I think are under appreciated styles. Fashion is temporary but style is forever regardless where it comes from. Even if no one ever features them in a glossy spread.

Spider Web- a classic gothic style that I feel is under valued. Spider webs are definitely one of natures most beautiful creations, so it seems natural to use this marvel into fashion. The intricacy and delicate appearance means that this could work on multiple  occasions formal or casual.

spider web

Gingham-  Some may view gingham as a bit too ‘country’ or childish. I find that it can be stylish and accessible. More summer than winter wear, this will age well. Personally I prefer darker colours like black and red to the more popular pastel palette.

Dita Gingham

Nautical-  A classic WWII pinup look, the nautical look includes of plenty of navy (block of stripes), or can extend to anchors or other sea related motifs. Another more summer style but it is a look that can never date so if you want to splash out. You can tone the look down by just wearing navy, white and red. They do make a beautiful summer outfit.


nautical dress

Bird Print (Flamingos/Swans etc)- Birds are among the most graceful creatures on Earth, so to have them on clothes makes perfect sense. Flamingos, especially are a popular choice; They are elegant, kitsch and pink.

moschino flamingo

Heart Shaped Sunglasses-  Sweetly kitsch with a sexual undertone. Heart shaped Sunglasses; famously worn in ‘Lolita’ are not a ‘timeless’ as, say cats eyes glasses. They are a very youthful accessory and even if you are over the age of consent, can be very hard to transcend into a more mature use. Having said that, if you like something more   quirky and a feeling fearless then why not?


Peter Pan Collar Dress- While many would scoff at the idea of praising Courtney Love’s  fashion sense. She did help popularise this Peter Pan collar dress in the early 90’s, and hopefully it will resurface again. Both demure and chic, this is a rather simple style which means that you can wear this over and over again.





  1. Loving the Spider Webs and gingham – avoiding the Flamingos and Peter Pan collars! XO

    1. Fair enough x

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