Summer Chic: Tiki Dress

Now that the weather is more like summer, we can celebrate the most tropical trend. Hawaii (all of the Polynesia Islands) are as exotic as it gets. Given that getting there from the UK is a far from straight forward (at least two flights depending which island you are visiting). If you cannot afford to visit the South Pacific, than a tiki dress is the closest most of us will get to.

Exotic flowers (Hibiscus, Passion-flower, Bird of Paradise etc) or exotic birds are the common motifs. If you truly want to embrace the tropical charm, a Hibiscus behind the ear will polish the look beautiful.

A tropical cocktail, a tiki dress and this glorious weather. What more could you desire?

hawaiian dress


Tiki dress

Masuimi tiki



  1. Love this look, always a classic.
    Can I have a fruity drink with an umbrella, too?
    (BTW, in a drink, do you call it an umbrella or a brolly?) – XO

    1. In a drink, it is called an umbrella. Enjoy your tropical drink x

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