Christian Louboutin: First You Tease…..

Women loving high-heeled shoes is almost a cliché but largely true. While taste varies from person to person, if there is one kind of shoe that makes most salivate, it is a sexy stiletto. One man understands this better than most and his shoes are so very sexy and fetishistic, but beautiful at the same time. Christian Louboutin.

Famed for his trademark red soles, Louboutin began his career as a backstage at the Folies Bergeres  (likely this is where his love of the more elaborate and sexy shoes was first indulged). From here, Christian was taken under the wing of Roger Vivier. Thanks  to this influential start, Louboutin designed shoes for Chanel, YSL and Maud Frizon.

His first store was opened in 1991 in Paris (his first client was Princess Caroline of Monaco). Louboutin’s shoes have been worn by virtually every famous woman: Angelina Jolie, Coco (of Ice-T and Coco fame), Carmen Electra, Rose McGowan, Joan Collins, Julianne Moore and Iman are just a few of the famous women (and men) who enjoy Louboutin’s shoes. Yes, there are infinitely more fans, frankly since I am indifferent to most these people. I am choosing to ignore them. Mr Louboutin also creates all of Dita Von Teese’s shoes for her Burlesque shows (lucky lady).

Whist my main fetish will always be handbags, the appeal of these supremely delightful  creations is irresistible.

cl seduce

Cupid CL

louby sex

dita's shoes

fishnet Louboutin


sextreme louby

sex loub

CL red









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