Anne Marie of Paris: A Whisper Of Whimsical

Has often seen these bags floating around the internet. They are very quirky and bewitching and were all the products of Anne Marie of Paris. At the time I knew that the label was a vintage designer that as far as I can tell, has ceased trading. Curiosity got the better of me so here are my finds about this elusive label.

Little is known about this quirky label. In the 1940’s Anne Marie had a shop at the Meurice Hotel, in Paris. Reportedly they were given as gifts to the guests. Sadly, this has been all I can find from the label. It would appear that Anne Marie, just disappeared into the fashion equivalent of the Burmuda Triangle. Why they halted work or who was Anne Marie remains a mystery. These bags have appeared on auction sites such as Christies and Ebay, the prices for the bags seem to be the several hundreds of pounds. Probably not a surprise, since Anne Marie is an uncommon vintage designer. If anyone has any more information, I would be interested to find out more about this lady. If nothing else, these delightful bags have survived and thrived over 70 years since their inception.

Vintage Anne Marie of France (1940's)

anne marie of france

AM radio


AM birdcage

AM liquor bag


One comment

  1. I love a good mystery and a good bag, you have both in one package!

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