Coveted Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag

Has been looking for a vintage style ‘lady bag’, yes that is my personal term. A regal relic from the 30’s/40’s; a structured yet delicate frame,with a single handle that rests comfortably hanging from your for arm. Simple yet timeless. I believe that I have found a worthy contender. Dolce and Gabbana’s Sara Bag.

Not vintage by any stretch, this chic bag has been around for approximately 3 years. The single strap means that if you want a shoulder bag, this is not for you. Still the depth is reasonable and the fact that the bag is made of leather, makes this bag much more durable. A sturdy clasp on any bag is an important feature, both for security and aesthetics. Here Sara delivers with a chic clasp that secures itself tightly.

Now the rub. Given that Dolce and Gabbana is a high end designer, the price tag matches the label (about £1000). As much as I think this bag is dreamy, the price is simple too high. All I can do is hope that my Lottery numbers come up, then a trip to D&G will be in order.

D+G sara

D+G sara lace

D+G sara classic



  1. It is a lovely “Lady Bag” – are you sure that you aren’t into 1950’s Household Kink (Just Teasing – XO)

    1. 50’s HK? Am intrigued… X

      1. An old post of mine talks about it — you have to scroll through the vintage dress pictures to get to the 1950’s Household Kink part….just search under “1950’s”. 🙂

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