Sloths: Enigmas in the Trees

Named after one of the seven deadly sins, there is however nothing sinful about the sweetness of the Sloth. A creature that is so slow in it movements and habits, they were named after the sin of laziness.

Even though Sloths are famous the world over; very little is actually known about these enigmatic creatures. Actually there are two kinds of Sloths; Bradypus (three-toed Sloth) and Choloepus (two-toed Sloth). All are found in Central and South America. Part of the reason I think no one has done much research is that except for defecation, Sloths reside solely in the high canopies of the rain forests. Unlike the other tree dwellers, sloths are mostly silent animals. A likely reason is so that they are not vulnerable to predators like Harpy Eagles. Another method of camouflage is to allow insect to use their thick fur as a mini Eco system, the Sloth Moth is only found in Sloth fur. Curiously; they do not drink water, all the water they need is found in the leaves of the Cecropia leaves they feed on almost exclusively.

As with most of today’s wildlife, habitat destruction is harming the future of these gentle, loveable creatures. With greater knowledge and conservation, we can remain charmed and enchanted.

Bradypus; are not only agile swimmers but they are enchanting with their smiling faces.

moss and sloth

reaching out

Choloepus; not able to swim like their cousins. Resemble a wookie crossed with a pig.

Sloth and mama

sloth love


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  1. Adorable — I always feel languid when I look at their photos.

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