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Millicent Rogers: Riches Mean So Little

No Poor Little Girl. Just a woman of depth and integrity who has been forgotten. Millicent Rogers. Born Mary Millicent Abigail Rogers on 1st February 1902. As the granddaughter of Henry Huttleston Rogers (a founder of Standard Oil) Millicent was born in unparalleled privilege and comfort. By the 1920’s, Rogers was a regular fixture of the […]

Tempest Storm: Fiery Front

Who is the longest performing peeler in Burlesque? That honour goes to Tempest Storm. Born Annie Banks on 28th February 1928 in Georgia, USA. Before the age of 20, Annie was twice married and divorce; finally leaving Georgia to follow her dream of show business. Originally, Sunny Day was Annie’s first idea for a stage […]

Jean Paul Gaultier: Theatre of Glamour

POST CONTAINS NUDITY If you crave haute couture that provokes, titillates and luxuriates at the same time. Jean Paul Gaultier is your man. Born 24th April 1952 in Val-de-Marne, France. Gaultier discovered the beauty of the female form and fetishism thanks to his grandmother’s corseted routine. Despite receiving no formal training, Pierre Cardin was impressed […]

In Awe Of Japan

Given the relative success of ‘The Red Sunset of Kyoto’ entry. I have decided that my Nipponophilia needs feeding once more. With both icy mountains in the north and tropical beaches in the south. Japan has a remarkably varied climate considering that she has very little landmass. All of this conspires to add Japan’s seemingly […]

Guo Pei: Legend & Fantasy

“I design stories, my designs and clothes are my words. I tell stories through my every design and that is my real expression” I noticed the work of Chinese couturier Guo Pei about a year ago, I was astounded by her vision of elaborate gowns. Everything from Chinese, Japanese, French influences can be felt. Born […]

From Mermaids to Manatee

Also known as ‘Sea Cows’, Manatees are part of the Sirenia species order which in include the Dugong. Manatees were confused by sailors as being mermaids (hence the siren in there species category). These gentle, sweet and intelligent creatures are not as popular as other marine mammals but they are no less charming. Found within […]

Coveted Bag: Vivienne Westwood Doctor’s Bag

As a fan of Vivienne Westwoods for several years, I always notice her handbags. There are some lovely designs, however there is one particularly desirable bag that I hope to have one day. Westwood’s Patent Doctor’s Bag. A bag’s material and finish is an important feature when deciding which one is worth the price tag. […]

Daisy Fellowes: Art Deco and Decadence

Rich, decadent, blessed with good taste, and never boring. Meet Daisy Fellowes. Daisy Fellowes (nee Marguerite Severine Phillipe Decazes de Glucksberg) made her entrance to the world on 29th April 1890. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth (curtesy of the Singer sewing machine fortune on her mother’s side), Fellowes life was certainly luxurious, […]

Black Diamond: Darker Shade of Love

In the world of jewellery, diamonds are king, queen, prince and princess. They are hard wearing, have an aura of romance (still finds the tag ‘diamonds are forever’ ironic given that the jewellery tend last longer than the relationship that inspired the token of affection) beautiful and the choice of colours means that you are […]

Pleasure At Any Price: Marquis De Sade

THIS ENTRY CONTAINS NUDITY, IF IS OFFENDS YOU. STOP READING. Who is the most controversial, polarizing, debated writer/cultural figure, who 200 years after his death still provokes and challenges readers?  The Marquis de Sade. The Marquis was born Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade on 2nd June 1740. Educated by his uncle the Abbé de Sade […]