Coveted Bag: Zagliani Puffy Satchel

I happened to come across this bag via Dita Von Teese, I was struck by what an elegant style it was; so playing detective I found out its name. The Puff Satchel by Zagliani, a Milan based luxury label who was founded in 1947. Based on Zagliani’s website, they seem to focus on more exotic leathers for their bags. Now I am not a fan of using these beautiful creatures for their skin (especially when that leather is obtained through particularly cruel methods) when cow hide is just as good. Plus the price of exotic leathers is exorbitant. Judging by the style and the way that the bag is put together alone, I do like it. The handle is a more sufficient if you wish to carry this bag over your shoulder. Depth and fastening are chic and understated. Definitely a timeless design, to would be used again and again.

While I would not buy from this particular designer, if I came across a similar style. I would definitely buy this bag.

unknown red bag


Zagliani puffy black

Zagliani-Python-Puffy pur



  1. I am not so big a fan of the bag shape — but, the dress that she is wearing? I could get into that! XO

    1. Yes it is a swell dress. Believe it is by a designer called ‘Glamour Bunny’, they do vintage inspired clothes.

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