Christa Faust: Editrix

‘Author, Pervert, Pulp Enthusiast, First Lady of Hard Boiled Case Crime’ Easily the greatest introduction and description of one of the best living (and coolest) writers today. Christa Faust.

Born on 21th 1969 in New York City. Faust dabbled with various trades before answering the call of the pen. Professsional Dominatrix, a Times Square peep show booth, and star of several fetish films. All these influences conspire to create one of Faust’s most memorable characters; Angel Dare, a porn star who takes revenge on those who have ruined her life. A classic modern version of Film Noir (a genre that Faust adores) with a feminist twist. Her first novel was ‘Control Freak’ released in 1998. Followed by ‘Money Shot’ in 2008 and ‘Choke Hold’ in 2012. Many of her books are tie-in novels (stories using characters from existing series) including the ‘Friday 13th’, ‘Final Destination’ and ‘Nightmare of Elm Street’ series. She also wrote and directed ‘Dita in Distress’ a series of bondage films starring Dita Von Teese.

Faust lives in Los Angeles with her Boston Terrier Butch.

Even if Faust was not a writer, I would love to have a drink with her. With her ready intelligence, talent, stellar taste and a take-no-shit attitude. An appreciation of fetishistically high shoes enhances her appeal.

christ faust noir

CH blonde

gloves typing



  1. Hmm, some new books to me — interesting!

    1. Always good to spread the word…

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