Resplendent Temples

Since the age of 16, Buddhism has been a source of fascination and spirituality. More philosophy than religion as there is no deity to worship (Buddha may have inspired the movement but is not worshipped as a divine being like Jesus or Mohammed). What is most attractive to many it the fact that Buddhism lacks the rigid dogma of most mainstream religions. No judgement, no rules, no fear of eternal damnation and hellfire. As an individual, you are responsible for your own actions and nothing to do with evil forces taking over.

Though not all of these temples are Buddhist, they are breathtaking in their beauty.

Nauesha Temple (Goa, India)

naguesha temple goa

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat

To Ji Temple (Kyoto, Japan)

to ji Temple

Harmindar Temple (India)

Harmandir Sikh Temple India

Marble Temple (Thailand)

Marble temple Bangkok

Kapaleeshwarar Temple (Chennai, India)

kapeleeshwarar temple Chenai India

Nadi Temple (Fiji)

Nadi Hindu Temple

Uluan Danu Temple (Bali, Indonesia)

Ulun-Danu-Temple Bali





  1. Offering up beauty no matter what the Religion, inspires awe from worshipers and voyeurs alike~ XO

  2. That Angkor Wat site is incredible– absolutely massive and beautiful– not to mention the lake, which is completely man made.

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