Indonesia: Peculiar Paradise

For several years, Indonesia has been a part of the world that I find enchanting. With their tropical climate, stunning natural beauty and weird but wonderful creatures, this is a place that ticks all boxes of somewhere truly spectacular.

Indonesia is an Archipelago of over 13,ooo islands in South Eastern Asia. Straddling both the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, helps to create the most spectacular Coral Reefs in the world. As far as Flora/Fauna in this unique cluster; 17% of the World’s wildlife reside in Indonesia and much of these are endemic to these Islands. Similar to Madagascar, as the islands separated from mainlands. The environment evolved into something extraordinary. Since Indonesia straddles two continents, she is the only cluster of Islands that have both Asian and Australian animals.

As is tragically commonplace, Indonesia’s wildlife is under threat from habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. Hopefully, we can take steps to protect Indonesia’s wonders for her people and for the world to cherish forever.

matschie Tree Kangaroo


Bali Mynah

Ternate North Mollusc Indonesia

Kacau Sumatra

Belitung island Indonesia

Indo sea

Indonesia sea


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  1. Exquisite! XO

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