Coveted Bag: Delvaux Simplissime Cabas

When one thinks of what Belgium has given the world, a luxury leather label is not one that springs to mind. Still repeat offender Delvaux has delivered a worthy treat with its Simplissime Cabas bag.

A more compact bag that the previously featured Brilliant GM bag. Straps are not overly generous if you wish to carry the bag over your shoulder, however I am fussed about that small detail. The interior is decent enough with a dainty security leather tag and a tiny D hanging from the straps. If you want a bigger bag, the Simplissime Cabas does come in a tote bag.

As a safe estimate, I guess this bag would cost about £1000. Allot of money really, would only contemplate such a purchase if I were a multimillionaires. Still one can always dream.



delvaus Sim Cadas red

delvaux-red-simplissime-cabas sideway


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