Green With Envy

While green is considered by many to be unlucky, I happen to find it to be chic and will brightens any outfit. Personally I prefer deepest forest green to lime green which is much harder wear without looking like a walking lime.

Analeena- Not as well known as other luxury labels, while I am not a fan of exotic leathers such as Crocodile, Python etc. I do like the style of this particular clutch; very chic and with sufficient depth.

**EXCLUSIVE** Dita Von Teese, wearing a black dress with extra large buttons, goes shopping at a Vintage clothing store in West Hollywood

Bulgari Isabella Rosellini Bag- When Bulgari collaborated with Isabella Rossellini to create a handbag, chic can be the only outcome. With an adjustable top strap, twist lock and plentiful in size; a timeless accessory.

Bulgari Green bag

Chanel Boy Bag- A more recent addition to the Chanel repertoire. Another elegant, compact and understated bag that will be admired for many years to come.

DG chanel boy

Zac Posen Aurora Bag- A bewitching handbag that did not achieve the ‘IT ‘ bag status that it deserved. A retro feel with a modern style clasp and a decent storage capacity. If I could afford any of these bag, this would be it.

zac_posen_aurora_bag green


One comment

  1. I love the Bulgari Bag. The symmetry speaks to me. XO

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