Recline and Relax: Golden Age Of Lounge Wear

For a while, I have wondered what can I wear if I want to comfortable but not, say a track suit. From a purely personal point of view I am not a fan. They are not a style that like, plus I don’t exercise much they would not be overly useful. More than just that, I don’t feel comfortable going out in them. Anything that you wear, you should feel relaxed in, like it is an extension of yourself. Casual but a little chic, even if it just for indoor use is what I am after. Some people may feel that if you want to wear something a bit more elegant that you have to swap comfort for beauty. Personally, I don’t believe that should always be the case. So where do you look for a solution? You look back.

More like a decorative dressing gown. Vintage lounge wear was meant for lazing around in, not something you would wear to nip the the corner shop. Still, I cannot fault they appeal. Their loose fitting makes you comfortable but never look shapeless or baggy. What I especially like about lounge wear, is that they look like something rather femme fatale (bottom picture illustrates this fully). Feminine but lovely.

As to the price? It would appear that they do vary in prices (£80-200), they do seem a bit dear. Still I am not deterred, just have to keep looking for a sale.

30's silk boudoir wear

vintage lounge wear

DVT lounge wear




  1. If you make a dash to the corner shop, can I be a fly on the wall to watch the shopkeeper’s mouth drop open? 🙂

  2. Sure why not… Give the shop keeper a bit of a thrill!

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