Black Diamond: Darker Shade of Love

In the world of jewellery, diamonds are king, queen, prince and princess. They are hard wearing, have an aura of romance (still finds the tag ‘diamonds are forever’ ironic given that the jewellery tend last longer than the relationship that inspired the token of affection) beautiful and the choice of colours means that you are not restrictive to just one shade. As far as preferences go, canary yellow is my least favourite. I am oddly not a fan of pink diamonds even though I like the colour pink.

Of the many varied colours of diamonds, I love black diamonds, they are more unusual and very beautiful. Plus they appeal to my gothic sensibility. Granted diamonds are expensive, some do prefer to have Jet as a cheaper version.

black diamond ring



black diamond zita

black heart



  1. I have a plain and simple black diamond set in gold. It is by Melissa Joy Manning and it is gorgeous. XO

    1. Lucky you x

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