Coveted Bag: Vivienne Westwood Doctor’s Bag

As a fan of Vivienne Westwoods for several years, I always notice her handbags. There are some lovely designs, however there is one particularly desirable bag that I hope to have one day. Westwood’s Patent Doctor’s Bag.

A bag’s material and finish is an important feature when deciding which one is worth the price tag. This is were the Doctor’s bag leaps ahead of rest; patent is not only hardy but with the right colours can be chic. The depth of this bag is an additional bonus, plentiful but never cumbersome. Though there is only one main handle which may be limiting to some, there is an additional shoulder strap if you would rather wear you bag in a less restiveness manner. By the usual standards of ‘Coveted Bags’, this article is relatively cheap at £500 (still allot of money). When I find the right bag and colour, the Dr and I will make a great couple.

vivienne westwood doctor bag

jaime winstone vivienne westwood doctors-bag


One comment

  1. I prefer Vivienne Westwood’s dresses and shoes, but this bag is lovely!
    I do have one wristlet of hers and use it quite a bit – your bag is better. 🙂

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