From Mermaids to Manatee

Also known as ‘Sea Cows’, Manatees are part of the Sirenia species order which in include the Dugong. Manatees were confused by sailors as being mermaids (hence the siren in there species category). These gentle, sweet and intelligent creatures are not as popular as other marine mammals but they are no less charming.

Found within Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Western Africa; They are also found in the Amazon rainforest. Preferring marshy coastal mangroves and freshwater estuaries. Their diet consists of saltwater plants beds and freshwater vegetation, which they ingest by basically sucking the plants. Solitary by nature, Manatees choose to take life at a leisurely pace. Preferring to swim at a speed between 3-5 mph (though they can reach speeds of 20 mph in short bursts).

A major threat to the future of Manatees in the Florida area especially is injury/death from propellers on boats. They may not be the legendary fishy fatales of legend, I think they are even more beautiful.




lil manatee



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  1. Though they look awkward and clumsy — they are elegant when they swim. Like the Walrus — they have a great deal of muscle.

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