Guo Pei: Legend & Fantasy

“I design stories, my designs and clothes are my words. I tell stories through my every design and that is my real expression”

I noticed the work of Chinese couturier Guo Pei about a year ago, I was astounded by her vision of elaborate gowns. Everything from Chinese, Japanese, French influences can be felt.

Born in Beijing in 1967. Guo Pei has taken the burgeoning Chinese haute couture scene by storm. After 10 years working with more ready to wear labels, Pei found her calling in haute couture round the late 90’s.  With her beguiling mix of Oriental tradition and avant-garde, many have compared Pei to Alexander McQueen. With her atelier, ‘Mei Gui Fang’ (or Rose Workshop) Pei has dressed some of China’s most elite including Zhang Ziyi.

To match her spectacular outfits, she has created fittingly spectacular shows. Her most lavish show was in 2012, the ‘Legend of the Dragon’ took three years to organised. Her clear reverence to China’s sartorial past was probably the reason why Pei was chosen to create the ceremonial dresses for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Thanks to China opening up more internationally, the rest of the world is taking note of what China has to offer fashion wise.

Definitely Pei is a designer to watch. Now that she is coming under more international attention, she will no doubt expand her fantasy landscape to include the whole world.

Gothic queen

Blue and white

delicate in lilac


pretty dragon

vie en rose



  1. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for bringing her to me.

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