Monthly Archives: August 2014

Coveted Bag: Carolina Herrera Minuetto Bag

Oh Carolina Herrera, how I have admired your sleek, simple yet sophisticated style. Not a flashy fashion house, just timeless elegant pieces that you will use forever. I first noticed CH aged about 16/17, before my bag romance was just an flirtation. I was impressed with her unfussy approach. Over the years I kept on […]

Drunk on Burgundy

Every winter/autumn, it feels sometimes likes allot of designers simply just add black to their all their clothes. While black is a flattering colour, able to hide a multitude of sins, and well impossible to get wrong. My only issue is that of the vast number of colours in existence, it can appear rather lazy […]

Caroline Reboux: Inventor of the Cloche

Before Hollywood, if you wanted to appeal to a wealthy clientele, the aristocracy were your desired choice. One designer who bridged the gap between the old and the modern. One who saw not only the kind of clients/designs change but also took part in shaping our tastes in hats. Caroline Reboux. Born in Paris in […]

Snow Leopard: Elusive Shadows

When people talk about the power and beauty of big cats, they usually are referring to Lions or Tigers. While they are magnificent creatures, the big cat that I find most extraordinary is not as famous as they more famous cousins. The secretive Snow Leopard. While Leopards are found on multiple spot on the planet […]

Unceasing Rage: The Furies

Alecto (“unnameable”), Megera (“grudging”) and Tisiphone (“vengeful destruction”); The Erinyes but they are more commonly known as ‘The Furies’. These figures from Greek mythology are the female deities of vengeance, sometimes referred to as ‘infernal goddesses’. Described as ugly, adorned with poisonous snakes and oozed foul substances. Their main focus was avenging crimes against ‘the […]

Orca Whales: Ocean Apex

As a child, I developed a serious fascination with Whales. Their beauty, grace, intelligence and soulfulness. Of the many species, my favourite was and still is the Orca. Found in every ocean on the planet, Orcas unlike other eat dolphins, porpoises, fish even other species of whales. Working as a team, the Orcas will typically […]

Civet Cat: More Than Meets The Eye

Despite the name, the Civet Cat is not remotely feline. It is actually more like a weasel than a wild cat. There are two main subspecies of Civet; African and Asian Palm. African Civet’s range includes both west and east coasts and all of sub Saharan. Asian Palm Civet is found in. India and westward […]

Henry Clive: Titillation Devotee

Any excuse to show off the beauty of classic pin-ups, one artist in particular who created some of the dreamiest, glossiest images of the last 100 years. Henry Clive. Born Harry O’Hara in 1882 in Australia. His first foray was as a magician.Leaving for Hollywood, he started acting in the newly created Hollywood. Thankfully for […]

Thailand: Meditation And The Endless Sea

There are times when you visit somewhere new, yet there is something familiar. Like maybe you have been there before, in another life, another form, another time. A sense of irritating déjà vu that you cannot quite place. My first (and so far only) time to Thailand was like this. A wonderful mixture of the […]

Fluff Piece: Streetzie’s Bunny Slipper Heels

Combining heels and slippers sounds like a paradox, and in part it is. Even the best heel divas need a break, to relax your feet and well, sometimes you are just not in the mood. Having said that there are times when to have a smaller heel inside your home. Now I am not really […]