Coveted Bag: Lulu Guinness Fan Clutch

Traditionally clutch bags do not fare so well on the site. Sure they are beautiful but they can be restrictive and impractical. Lulu Guinness does create the best clutches if you want something more quirky and unusual.

Her famous fan clutch bag, combines two of my feminine loves; fans and bags. With intricate patterns and delicate stitching this sweet treat could definitely raise any ensemble into something outstanding. The zip is the classic LG little hand mirror Famous fans of this bag include Sophie Dahl, Paloma Faith and Helena Bonham Carter.

Like so many clutches before, this is strictly for formal evening use only. Plus the depth is very small so there is even more restriction. If I could afford the £500 + price tag, I doubt I would buy a fan bag. Still it is lovely to gaze at admiringly.

LG fan clutch

Lulu fan

LG fan clutch

christina Hendricks fan



  1. Gorgeous. I wonder if you can use it to fan yourself? It’s been hot here.

    1. Sure you could try, if you are desperate. X

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