Money worries, job insecurities, relationships (or lack there of), fretting over your appearance, dress sense, planetary alignment, position of your favourite team and generally anything you can think of all chip away at our need for peace. Creating a pressure cooker that leaves you vulnerable to being a stressed out basket case who ends up winding everyone around them up.

Relaxation is a paramount to your own mental, physical and spiritual health. Find something that soothes and puts you at ease. My preferred method of relaxing comes from the blue ocean. In a perfect world, a grand aquarium with coral, plants and fine fishes will set you all ease instantly. If not, any wildlife documentary where the camera goes below the surface of the waves will calm any stress and bring your blood pressure down. The gracefulness, the slowness, the utter peace that not even predator killing prey can diminish. Since I was a small child, I have loved the creatures of the sea. Would read up extensively and watch any documentary I could. After all these years, the power of the deep-sea has not lost any of its power, appeal or potency. If you are very fortunate, a swim/snorkel/dive will prove both invigorating and meditative. A wonderfully alien world that holds you captive, and truthfully, you hope you never are never releases from.

Belize reef

coral reef fiji

Turtle love

Mayan Riviera

coral reef in India

mandarin dragonet

Red Sea Egypt





  1. Gorgeous and peaceful. XO

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