Coveted Bag: Amelia Powers Berkeley Bag

I would be lying if I said that a big reason for starting this site was to dwell on my favourite fetish. Handbags. I have included many stylish, desirable bags; recently I have been searching for more to potential ‘coveted bag’. Truthfully I feared that I had exhausted all suitably fine bags. Then, by chance I came across designer Amelia Powers. She began her career in fashion 10 years as a dealer specialising in vintage clothing. Over the years, Powers accrued an impressive list of both clients (including New Look and Gucci) and unique pieces. Not content with just being a dealer, Powers decided to create her own handbags; inspired by classic, timeless styles. Here is, in my opinion her dreamiest creation to date. The. Berkeley Bag.

Named after legendary Hollywood director, Busby Berkeley. Powers has created a bag that meets my need and desire. Handles that are large enough to go over one’s shoulder but not look cumbersome. A sleek finish, discreet clasp plus the depth is plentiful for everyday use. Even Burlesque dame Immodesty Blaize cannot resist the Berkeley spell (bottom picture). If you want a particular colour, You can personalise your bag. Making your bag a true one of a kind.

Here is the catch, at £2,995, Berkeley is a lavish splurge of a bag. As much as I covet this bag, the price tag is simply too much. Still the search for more desirable handbags continues.

AM berkeley bag

amelia powers berkely sideway

AM interior

immodesty blaize amelia powers



One comment

  1. I agree, this is a fabulous handbag! Gorgeous. I like the black.

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