Not chic, not sophisticated, not exactly nice. These kitsch sunglasses however are funny and if you have a weakness over the top ‘glamour’. Especially if you don’t take fashion seriously (as an industry, they tend to take themselves TOO seriously allot of the time). Bottom picture is actually a pair by the original rule breaker Elsa Schiaparelli. Goes to show that charmingly gauche is a relatively new trend.

Not to everyone’s cup of tea but I always appreciate a giggle. Plus who is to say that something has to be beautiful in order to be special.

kitsch love

kitsch sunnies

swan shades

eye lashes sunnies



  1. These are gorgeous. I have never done something like this — I did try on a pair of “Katie Perry” round bejeweled sunglasses at Claire’s (inexpensive accessories store). I looked like Elton John. XO

    1. Ah, I know Claire’s! Never mind eh…

      1. I know — not as rich and lovely as your offerings.

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