Poppy Z. Brite: Written In Blood

If you crave sensuality with a hint of earthiness, gritty realism with moments of softness all written with effortless grace, form and relentless ability. Then Poppy Z. Brite will satisfy your deepest desire.

Born Melissa Ann Brite on 25th May 1967 in New Orleans. Brite was clearly an intelligent child, able to read at the age of 3. At age 5, wrote stories such as ‘Attack of the Mud Monster’ and attempting to read ‘The Bell Jar’ At 18, selling his first story. Many of Brite’s early stories were sold to specialist horror magazine ‘Horror Show’.

Brite’s debut novel ‘Lost Souls’ in 1992, inspired by classic horror/gothic tales such as Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe and Charles. Baudelaire and other southern writers including Carson McCullers. Not the first New Orleans’ vampire novel but certainly not an Anne Rice rip off. A far more modern, grunge generation interpretation, with a plethora of gay characters thrown in. Many of the same characters appeared in other books such as ‘Drawing Blood’ and ‘Exquisite Corpse’. Not including the vast numbers of short stories Brite has sporadically written. To prove that he is not a one trick pony Brite diversified his topics with this ‘Liquor’ series; indulging his appreciation of New Orleans cuisine. In addition to her horror stories, Brite has also penned a biography of Courtney Love ‘Courtney Love: The Real Story’ in 1999. Not an official biography, but Love did help supply photographs and diary entries.

Though born a woman, Brite suffered from Gender Disphoria and gender identity for many years. From 2010, Brite underwent gender reassigment and now is known as Billy Martin.

On 9th June 2010, Brite stated that he had retired from writing. I deeply hope that Brite changes his mind and returns to the pen. Talent is talent, and Brite is such a phenomenal talent.

PZB cute



  1. I was thrown when you switched genders in the second paragraph – but the gender explanation solved that problem. Interesting thought – do you say she for history before 2010 and then switch? I wonder. XO

    1. Have to say, that was a brain teaser. Was trying to be as gender neutral as possible. Not really sure if I am honest about, I have just chosen to go for he. If Brite wishes to correct the entry, will gladly amend….. x

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