Fluff Piece: Streetzie’s Bunny Slipper Heels

Combining heels and slippers sounds like a paradox, and in part it is. Even the best heel divas need a break, to relax your feet and well, sometimes you are just not in the mood. Having said that there are times when to have a smaller heel inside your home. Now I am not really a fan of marabou mules/slippers, not sure why but I just find that there is no spark between us. Then I came across a lounge shoe that I cannot resist its charm.

These bunny slippers are, adorable! As a mad bunny woman, I appreciate the slightly kitsch appeal and the fact that the fur is synthetic is a huge plus. Why would you as a fan of bunny rabbits want to fear the fur of a real bunny that suffered to its last breath? It also means that the slippers are cheaper then they would be if they were to use real fur. While I love the pink pair, they do white and black too if you prefer.

Prices (From Streetzie’s official website) are $98, not sure if they sell internationally. I believe they do sell to other fashion sites but I cannot be sure. While I will not be snaring a pair for myself yet, I think these are the sweetest shoes to wear at home.

bunny slipper heels

black bunny slipper

white bunny slipper




  1. They are adorable — not sure what M would say about them though… 🙂

    1. Mm, maybe something to enjoy when M is not around….

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