Thailand: Meditation And The Endless Sea

There are times when you visit somewhere new, yet there is something familiar. Like maybe you have been there before, in another life, another form, another time. A sense of irritating déjà vu that you cannot quite place.

My first (and so far only) time to Thailand was like this. A wonderful mixture of the exotic and comforting.  What is especially charming about Thailand is the people.  While stereotyping is by its nature often inaccurate. From my experience, the Thai people I meet where cordially, kind and accommodating. As a short woman, I am used to being a bit of an oddity, so come to a land where I am one of many shorties. Well it is an interesting experience. Spirituality is rife in Thailand, not in a pushy, dogmatic manner. More a feeling, sensing; not always tangible but always close. With an established affinity with Buddhism, the abundance of temples is always a relief. Even if you are not religious, they possess a presence of peace that I for one have not felt elsewhere.

Formerly known as Siam, Thailand is located in South-Eastern Asia, sharing a border with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Sharing two sea along its coastline (Gulf of Thailand to the south and the Andaman sea to the west), makes Thailand a very rich source of marine life. As far as terrestrial wildlife, Thailand is blessed with Elephants, Tigers, many species of monkeys and countless gorgeous flora.

One day, Thailand and I will be together again.

surat thani Thailand

koh tao thailand

phi phi island


Wat Rong Khun palace Bangkok





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