Henry Clive: Titillation Devotee

Any excuse to show off the beauty of classic pin-ups, one artist in particular who created some of the dreamiest, glossiest images of the last 100 years. Henry Clive.

Born Harry O’Hara in 1882 in Australia. His first foray was as a magician.Leaving for Hollywood, he started acting in the newly created Hollywood. Thankfully for all us pin-up aficionados, his acting career never took off. He began his illustrating career by drawing Ziegfeld Follies in the 1920’s. In addition to the Follies, Hollywood proved to be his greatest source of inspiration; painting the great stars of the day (Pola Negri and Gloria Swanson). Plus he also did many front covers of film magazines, film posters (such as 1921 ‘The Sheik’) and promo campaigns. Charlie Chaplin employed Clive as an art director, utilising his past acting chops as villian in ‘City Lights.

Dying in 1960, his art work is highly coveted by collectors due to their rarity.

Butterfly Henry Clive

Henry Clive PP

Henry Clive Arabian Night

HC Moon

Henry Clive mermaid



    1. Thank so much

  1. These pictures are so very beautiful! How lovely. XO

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