Orca Whales: Ocean Apex

As a child, I developed a serious fascination with Whales. Their beauty, grace, intelligence and soulfulness. Of the many species, my favourite was and still is the Orca.

Found in every ocean on the planet, Orcas unlike other eat dolphins, porpoises, fish even other species of whales. Working as a team, the Orcas will typically attack from  all angles surrounding their intended pray. Or, if the conditions are adequate, they can charge onto a beach and grab a seal pup from the shoreline. Families group are called Pods. In these Pods the juveniles were taught by the adult females, to hunt.

What endears the Orca to me (and many others) is their extreme intelligence. Different pods, depending on their location will hone hunting techniques specific to certain pray.  If they hunt seals, they can either catch them swimming,’beaching’ or if a seal is perched on a sheet of ice. They have been filmed (working as a team) swimming in unison to create a strong enough wave to push the seal into the sea and dinner is served!

Adoration for the Orca dates back hundreds of years. The Haida (indigenous people of the Pacific North Western coast of North America) believes the Orca to be the most powerful of creatures of the ocean.

As to their conservation status, while globally the Orcas are thriving well. They do face the usual threats from loss of habitat, loss of pray species, pollution and conflict with fisheries.

orca beauty

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