Unceasing Rage: The Furies

Alecto (“unnameable”), Megera (“grudging”) and Tisiphone (“vengeful destruction”); The Erinyes but they are more commonly known as ‘The Furies’. These figures from Greek mythology are the female deities of vengeance, sometimes referred to as ‘infernal goddesses’. Described as ugly, adorned with poisonous snakes and oozed foul substances.

Their main focus was avenging crimes against ‘the natural order’. These include familial murders, breaking of oaths or disrespect towards hospitality. Violators would be driven mad by these deities, as a fitting punishment. The stories about their conceptions vary somewhat. One version, they came from Nyx and Tartarus in the Underworld. Another they sprung from the blood of Uranus after he was castrated, the blood fell onto Gaia and thus they were born.

Regardless of how their tale began, these ladies were no passive bystanders.

William Adolphe Bougereau (Orestes pursued by the Furies)



  1. Hmm, could the “Furies” be the guilty conscience that haunts you after a misdeed?
    Gorgeous Painting.

    1. Possibly, those dames are relentless!

  2. How interesting that they were also three in number, like The Graces!

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