Snow Leopard: Elusive Shadows

When people talk about the power and beauty of big cats, they usually are referring to Lions or Tigers. While they are magnificent creatures, the big cat that I find most extraordinary is not as famous as they more famous cousins. The secretive Snow Leopard.

While Leopards are found on multiple spot on the planet from Central to Southern Africa to Select parts of Asia, they tend to look the same. This is were the Snow Leopard stands alone with their thicker fur; which while still has the classic prints that adorn their cousins and many fashion fads. Instead of being brown and tan. These creatures are more deep grey, and they have pale green and grey eyes.

Native to the Mountains of Central and Southern Asia. Snow Leopards are solitary creatures except for mothers with their cubs. Studying these creatures is a far from easy feat. Firstly they live in very inhospitable ranges, plus they are only active between dusk and dawn. Combine that with their grey fur, they prove a very difficult quarry to observe. Snow Leopards are also the National Heritage animal of Pakistan.

As to how many Leopards are still left in the wild. The last reliable data was collected in 2003, where less than 7,000 Leopards were found to be left. Like so many of the other creatures listed on this site, Snow Leopards are an endangered species. This is due to habitat destruction and them being hunted for their luscious fur.

With greater knowledge, conservation and captive breeding, we will get to see more of these gorgeous big cats for many more generations to come.


snow pair

Snow mama and baby

Snow Leopard cub


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  1. Very, very beautiful. It is amazing how much biodiversity the Earth produces.

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