Drunk on Burgundy

Every winter/autumn, it feels sometimes likes allot of designers simply just add black to their all their clothes. While black is a flattering colour, able to hide a multitude of sins, and well impossible to get wrong. My only issue is that of the vast number of colours in existence, it can appear rather lazy and lacking imagination. Here, in my opinion, is a criminally under appreciated colour that offers plenty.

Sharing its name with the renowned French wine (named after the region). Burgundy is a luxurious, warming and sophisticated colour. It’s spectrum includes maroon, oxblood and cordovan with some variation in between. Some do use burgundy as a lip stick, not so easy to carry off but to each their own. Plus if you have a gothic predisposition, burgundy does offer another option if you ever need a bit of change (even goths want options).


moschino bordeaux


Chanel 2.55 Burgendy


vintage burgundy alligator



vintage hermes burgundy


One comment

  1. I feel like a burgundy (wine, oxblood, etc..) bags are so classic. A gorgeous color palette.

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