Coveted Bag: Carolina Herrera Minuetto Bag

Oh Carolina Herrera, how I have admired your sleek, simple yet sophisticated style. Not a flashy fashion house, just timeless elegant pieces that you will use forever. I first noticed CH aged about 16/17, before my bag romance was just an flirtation. I was impressed with her unfussy approach. Over the years I kept on eye on her handbags, seeing if she could work her magic on classic bag to use forever. Sadly I have not been bowed over my Herrera’s bags of late, until this recent edition caught my eye. The Minuetto bag.

Making her debut in the 13/14 autumn/winter collection. Minuetto is a practical handbag for day use as well night (if you so choose), a discreet emblem to show Herrera’s work. There is a single handle on the top, suitable for resting in the crook of one’s arm. If you need the option of a shoulder strap there is a problem; while there is technically a chain to do so. It appears very flimsy that I doubt it will take the full weight of a typical handbag and it’s content. Depth is plentiful, an interior pocket and an clasp inside the main flap to keep thieving mitts out.

Yes, Minuetto fulfils many of my bag needs. It does bear a more than passing resemble to Dolce and Gabbana’s Miss Sicily bag, plus I am not 100% sure of the price. Given that Herrera’s is not a label for those on a strict budget, I would estimate this bag to be £700 at least. Considering all these factors, I would probably not buy this bag if finance allowed.

carolina Herrera minueto red

carolina Herrera minueto fuchsia

carolina Herrera minueto navy



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