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Ulyana Sergeenko: Proprietress of Indulgence

Growing up in Soviet Russia is hardly an ideal environment to raise a couturier.  When Russian couturier Ulyana Sergeenko was growing, her fashion exposure came from ‘Feminine Worker’ and ‘Countryside Woman’. Communist couture! Her first step into design came from sewing her own dresses. From this she evolved to the fortunate position to be a […]

Pearls: From The Depths Of The Ocean

Origins of prized gemstones are for the most part lacking in romance. Largely mined underground in dark tunnels, aided by geologists as to where to look. The odds of anyone finding a precious stone unassisted are about as likely as Sarah Palin winning the Nobel Prize. However the most beautiful gem that could be found […]

Bright Young Things

‘The Bright Young Things’ was a term given to young, bohemian socialites in the 1920’s. As depicted in ‘The Great Gatsby’: the 1920’s was THE time to go wild on bootleg alcohol (if in the US) and scandalise with your rambunctious, rowdy and rude moves. Flapper’s of yore knew the importance of an evening bag that […]

Louis Icart: Ethereal And Poised

If you desire Art Deco with a more saucy, soft and sophisticated side. you want Paris based artist, Louis Icart. Born Louis Justin Laurant Icart in Toulouse 1888. Moving to Paris in 1907, Icart dedicated his energies to his art and trying to make a living from his talent. In 1914, Icart meet 18-year-old Fanny […]

Ichiro Tsuruta: Sublime

“I wish to paint my own muse, my own goddess” the motif, modus operandi, and motivation behind an artist who combines Japanese aesthetics with Art Deco chic and pin up. Ichiro Tsuratu. Born in 1954, in the city of Honda in the Kumamoto Prefecture. Tsuratu grew up in Kyushu’s Amakusa Region. Since childhood, he loved […]

Autumnal Magic

Time to put the sunglasses, parasols, summer dresses and open shoes. Put the lemon, gingham, pastels away for another 6 months. Far from being a tragedy, now we can welcome the beauty and charm of autumn. Break out the boots, coats, hats, gloves and scarves mixed with plenty of burgundies, deep red, forest green and purples. Elegance overload, in […]

Travel in Style

As a handbag fiend, I also love chic suitcase/luggage with a vintage feel. In years gone by this would also include a vanity and if you were especially stylish, a hat bag. If you want to be really indulgent to have a set that matches is even better. If there is only one luggage label […]

Coveted Bag: YSL Moujik Handbag

One of the newest bags to feature in ‘Coveted Bag’, YSl’s Moujik Handbag has only been available for approximately one month. Described as the latest addition to their pre fall line (in the real world, summer) to replace YSL’s famous Muse Two Tote Bag. Moujik comes in small and medium (unsure if a large is […]

When I Grow Up

Home is more than just bricks and mortar, it is our sanctuary, our haven, the place where we feel safe and free to be ourselves without judgement. So how we decorate out homes is very important, setting the tone and helping us relax. While budget constraints forces the vast majority of us to stick to […]