When I Grow Up

Home is more than just bricks and mortar, it is our sanctuary, our haven, the place where we feel safe and free to be ourselves without judgement. So how we decorate out homes is very important, setting the tone and helping us relax. While budget constraints forces the vast majority of us to stick to mainstream retailers, that does not mean that we cannot aspire, dream and salivate.

We have all had the fantasy about winning the lottery and what we would treat ourselves to with copious amounts of money. Personally I would indulge in a beautiful and sophisticated house, and here are the type of features that I would love to have. As far as preferences go; Art Deco, Hollywood Regency mixed with traditional and Asian features. Of course I had to include my top two dream rooms; a library and a (very vast) walk in wardrobe. An outside swimming pool in England can be problematic, maybe emigrate to a warmer climate. Oh I can dream.

Courtney Love's living room

Dita plush

sophisticated library

kitchen dita von teese

Glam bathroom

sexy bath

hollywood regency bedroom

Marlene Dietrich in the Dorothy di Frasso Beverly Hills mansion dressing table

Dita multi

nanette lepore's wardrobe

Hollywood wardrobe

DVT Shoes

secret spot



One comment

  1. Old Hollywood Glamour, indeed! XO

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