Coveted Bag: YSL Moujik Handbag

One of the newest bags to feature in ‘Coveted Bag’, YSl’s Moujik Handbag has only been available for approximately one month. Described as the latest addition to their pre fall line (in the real world, summer) to replace YSL’s famous Muse Two Tote Bag.

Moujik comes in small and medium (unsure if a large is available yet), a top handle and a detachable shoulder strap. A magnetic closure on the flap for security and a key and padlock around the top handle that can be removed (often these features look nice but can weigh down the bag and of course owner of said bag). The interior is divided into two main sections with a central compartment with a clasp for extra safety. These divisions can an issue if you want carry larger objects in your bag, however I personally don’t find this to be such an issue.

All positive so far, but here is the rub. Price. Since we are talking about an haute couture label Moujik was never going to be a cheap buy, £1,600 would cause great damage to your credit card bill. Even if I was flushed with cash, I doubt that I could justify such a huge amount on a single purchase.

YSL Moujik subdue


YSL Moujik mid red

YSL Moujik fushcia




One comment

  1. The simple clean lines are lovely — I would just kill it though…sigh.

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